Going Back To Broadway

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Gina Price admits there’s something of herself in the character she has created and now plays in her new musical of musicals.

Back To Broadway tours to The Capitol, Horsham, on Saturday, February 18 - a reflection of lead vocalist Gina’s own passion for musical theatre.

On the back of that passion, she has poured all her efforts into realising her lifelong dream of producing and performing in her own show.

“We created the show two years ago and we auditioned and we got four singers and four dancers,” says Gina. “We got a choreographer and a director and had a very intense week’s rehearsal, and now we have been touring it for six months.”

With a writing partner, she created a loose storyline: “And then I chose the songs that fitted that story and suited the mood. We have got about 20 different musicals there to tell the story.

“I play the lead role, Ella. She is a girl that moves to Broadway because she has always enjoyed singing and performing. She gets auditions and she gets her role. She becomes a Broadway star. She falls in love along the way, but her career takes priority.

“And in the second half, you see another lead girl come along and knock me off the top spot. She takes the leading role, but I get reunited with the guy from earlier.”

Elements of Gina?

“I started quite young and I have always wanted to be a Broadway star. The story is that you rehearse and rehearse through the fitness and the pain and you don’t complain because you become what everybody wants to be.”

But there is a price to pay.

“It’s hard work, but you just can’t stop. You have got to keep working.”

Gina is understandably proud of the show: “I didn’t want to take a back seat. I wanted to focus on performing.”

And bookings are looking good so far. At the moment, theatres are taking it as a one-nighter. But the hope is that, as the show gets better known, venues will start booking it for mini-runs or even week-long visits.

Tickets for Horsham on 01403 750220 or www.thecapitolhorsham.com.