Sid Sloane reveals theatre secrets in debut Capitol production

Sid Sloane
Sid Sloane

Nursery school children in Horsham will be given the first opportunity to explore the behind the scenes secrets of theatre in a new pre-show workshop.

Popular children’s entertainer, actor and former CBeebies presenter Sid Sloane will provide his first ever introduction to theatre workshop before his show at The Capitol Theatre on Thursday (February 20).

Sid’s Show is an interactive production crammed with games, songs, poems and magic.

It has been touring the country since 2012 but Sid has decided to debut his 20 minute pre-show theatre workshop in Horsham.

He said he hoped to help nursery school aged children to enrich their experience of the theatre.

He said: “From the very beginning the feedback I got is people said it was the first time their children had come to the theatre.

“I thought maybe I will tell the kids what to expect from the show and I will give away what goes on behind the scenes.

“But I won’t spoil it. It will enrich their experience.”

Sid said when he first took his son to the theatre to see the BFG his son was in tears because of the loud sounds.

He said he hoped the workshop would help the children to feel at ease with him and the surroundings.

The father-of-one played Dandini in Cinderella at the Hawth Theatre, Crawley, at Christmas 2013.

He said he loved performing on stage because of the element of not knowing what’s going to happen.

He said: “I love the idea of making memories good for people who see the show and be part of that experience.

“I enjoy sparking their imaginations and helping them shine.

“You never really know what’s going to happen with children. They have amazing imaginations. I learn every time from every experience.”

To book a place in the workshop or to Sid’s Show call The Capitol on 01403 750220.