‘Suspicious gathering’ in gig

The Kabeedies.
The Kabeedies.

Norwich-based The Kabeedies consist of Rory (vocals/bass), Fab (drums), Katie (vocals) and Evan (vocals/guitar), each contributing songs to the collective Kabeedies cause.

The band, who play The Hope, Brighton, on February 16, describe themselves as “a suspicious gathering of some boys and a girl.”

They claim influences from Blondie to Bombay Bicycle Club via Buddy Holly, Black Flag and Chuck Berry. Soap is their second album and their first release on fierce panda.

In 2009 they released their debut album Rumpus which they describe as a “fizzbanging collage of yelps and twangs and jumpy art-rocking angles.”

Rory said: “That was then. And this, as they say, is now. We’re not writing songs as 15-year-olds anymore. True, there are still moments of twitchy fun to be had but elsewhere Soap is the relative calm after the bubblegum storm of Rumpus.”

“I originally thought of Soap based around the idea that the second album was a catharsis for all of us, effectively washing off what we had done with Rumpus and starting again,” explains drummer Fab.