Musical tribute to Roy Orbison

The Roy Orbison Story
The Roy Orbison Story

Barry Steele and Friends will be performing at The Hawth on Thursday June 15 in The Roy Orbison Story, an upbeat and contemporary tribute to the Big ‘O’.

Barry Steele is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading tributes to Roy Orbison and The Traveling Wilburys.

He has stunned audiences across the globe with his uncanny similarity and ability to authentically revive the exquisite toe-tapping sound of this music giant.

Barry is backed in this all live multi- media show with not only a fabulous band and musicians, but a big screen featuring both video and images from the life and times of Roy Orbison, interspersed with facts and information about the life and times of what is considered to be one of the best singers the world has ever known.

Barry’s vision is clear, to deliver the songs to Roy Orbison fans in the same manner in which they were originally performed.

Barry has toured extensively and has even sang in front of Roy’s son Wesley, as well as duetting with Bill Dees, the co-writer of many of Roy’s songs.

He says: “Orbison’s songs not only have wonderful melodies and tunes, the lyrics are some of the most sublime ever written. Not only does the music take you back in time, the songs can make you happy, sad and emotive all at the same time. Orbison is known as a balladeer, but he also recorded and performed rocky and contemporary songs. His songs are quite simply timeless”.

Tickets priced £22.50 are available from The Hawth Box Office on 01293 553636 or by visiting