Lawson headlining


After tours supporting The Wanted and also Will Young, Lawson are now out on the road as headliners, taking in The Haunt in Brighton on Monday, January 16 (tickets 0844 477 1000).

Lawson are Andy Brown (24) on vocals/guitar, Joel Peat (21) lead guitar, Adam Pitts (21) drums, and Ryan Fletcher (21) on bass.

From the four corners of England they first met online via Youtube and Myspace, and then in real life in the pub. Since then, they’ve gathered momentum.

Just before Christmas they were in Los Angeles to work on their debut album, which they hope to be releasing later this year, under Grammy award-winning producer John Shanks (Bon Jovi, Alanis Morissette, Take That).

“He was literally the top of our dream list of producers,” Adam says. “You think of the people he has worked with in the past. Any massive album that we have loved over the past ten to 15 years he has either written or played on or produced.

“We are all based in London at the moment. We have been together for about two years now. There have been some tough moments in the last two years when we thought that we just weren’t going anywhere.

“The turning point was touring with The Wanted, supporting them. Before that, we didn’t have any massive breaks. We were now playing to several thousand people. We had done a couple of support tours before, but The Wanted had a very young fanbase. It was interesting then playing as support to Will Young who has a slightly-older fanbase. They listened to us a bit more. You could feel that they were concentrating on what we were doing.”

The band were determined to capitalise on it, giving out a free CD of one of their songs: “It’s really all about the social networking, and now we have got the headline tour in January.”

Things are certainly looking up - reward for all the slog. But as Adam says, this is a business where you have absolutely got to go for it.

“We have all been in so many different bands before. There will always be one guy that is more driven than the rest. But with this, for all four of us, it’s all we have ever wanted to do.”

For a free download of the band’s track Red Sky, visit or