Interactive music and performance

A scene from Murder On The Nile, directed by Joe Harmston
A scene from Murder On The Nile, directed by Joe Harmston

Cabaret performer Lorraine Bowen will present an interactive evening of music and performance as she transforms the rooms at Brighton’s Nightingale into her very own Comfort Zone (February 11 and 12).

The show features award-winning writer Mick Jackson, BAFTA-longlisted film-maker Kate Sullivan and jazz virtuoso Charlotte Glasson.

The performance itself explores comfort, security and ‘getting through’ in an uncertain world, against the backdrop of winter.

Using quirky and melodic songs, projections, photos and unusual seating arrangements, the show will give the audience the chance to experience and re-discover comfort in different and normally-unseen rooms at The Nightingale.

“What interests me about comfort is that I have so many questions about what comfort signifies today,” says Lorraine. “Going back in time comfort perhaps meant a log fire and a steak and kidney pudding with peas shared with loved ones. Comfort was shared.

“In what many are viewing as a gloomy decade, with so many people out of jobs, renting squalid rooms and feeling very fragile, I wonder whether we can achieve shared comfort in our increasingly-individualistic society. Do we share more comforts or are comforts becoming more personal? Comfort may have become selfish…”

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