Fascinating Aïda’s Cheap Flights tour

FASCINATING Aïda’s Cheap Flights song - a tilt at the myth of the 50p flight - has bagged them more than eight and a half million online viewings.

Small wonder that their Cheap Flights tour, which comes to a conclusion at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, has been such a big success.

Guildford will also be the final dates with the trio for Sarah-Louise Young who has been standing in for the unavailable Liza Pulman who resumes with the cabaret comedy act this autumn.

For Adele Anderson, it has been great fun: “This tour has been extraordinary.”

As she says, the Cheap Flights song has certainly struck a chord: “So many people have been exasperated. We all like to think that we are getting a bargain, but then in the end it turns out almost as expensive as a normal flight. If people knew what they were getting, then it would be alright - but they don’t!”

It’s all part of a very happy return to action for the trio following the death of their pianist Russell a few years ago.

“When our silver jubilee was coming up, people were saying that really we should be doing something. But (Fascinating Aïda founder) Dillie (Keane) said she was not at all sure that she wanted to go back to playing the piano for us and to be sitting where Russell had sat. But we were persuaded. We had been away for a while. We didn’t know whether our audience was still out there.

“We started again at Jermyn Street and we had such a good response. The producer said that we should go on tour.”

Since then, the success of Cheap Flights has put them right back in focus.

“We started touring again and we discovered that we still enjoyed it. When Liza knew that she had to take some time out, we felt that we not could not rest on our laurels and so Sarah-Louise came in.”

As always, they have continuously moved on with their material. Adele feels that they have to: “Paul Weller does it. He insists on it. When he puts new material out, some people are not quite sure. They like the old stuff, but he is absolutely adamant that he must create new things.”

And the same goes for Fascinating Aïda.

Tickets on 01483 440000 or www.yvonne-arnaud.co.uk

Fascinating Aïda, Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, April 12-14.