Mediaeval mayhem is the promise at the Loxwood Joust

Loxwood Joust 2019
Loxwood Joust 2019

A festival of mediaeval mayhem is promised in The Loxwood Joust’s Children’s Kingdom, The Loxwood Meadow, Loxwood, RH14 0AL on August 3, 4, 10 and 11;

Spokeswoman Heather Joy said: “A rare mix of opportunities, excitement and fun for children of all ages, awaits children at the Loxwood Joust as this unique family event provides an action packed day out.

“Nestled at the top of Midsummers Meadow you will find the Children’s Kingdom, a festival within a festival, where the mediaeval groat is the currency. It is here that you will find all manner of activities and where young princes and princess can take part in a myriad of goings-on tailor made just for them.

“Having seen some of his antics at the entrance gate upon arrival, Devilstick Peat’s jester shows raise laughter from children and parents alike before many then partake in his jesting skills workshops to hone and fine tune some of the many tricks required by a mediaeval jester.

“But maybe their sights are set on a trail of valour, and taking part in the knight training school would enable them to rise to the challenge?

“On joining the swordsmen and with a promise to behave with honour, the 30-minute sessions will teach all budding knights - both young and more mature! – the basics of handling a sword and buckler in combat. With the steps, the sword moves and the attack and defence strokes, this is not a school for the faint hearted, as the trainee swordsmen are trained in authentic mediaeval swordsman’s skills for combat. For some, the chance to wield the most deadly weapon on the battlefield is more of a draw, and archery is a must. This is the chance to test their bow skills against the exciting range of targets, but can they hit the life-size boar and stag?

“A more relaxing choice and a favourite for some young princesses is the face painting; although those of a more daring nature can leave parents aghast with the very realistic and ghastly wound painting instead. And as a unique memento of their day in mediaeval times, the chance to cast their pewter pendant from molten metal, before proudly displaying it for all to see is a winner all round. Then there is Pelt The Peasant! This fun activity always brings a huge smile to children’s faces as they throw wet sponges at the peasants, or their parents, as they stand in the stocks. All for a good cause and wonderfully cooling on a hot summer’s day, the more sponges thrown, the more money raised for the chosen charity.

“And all around the Loxwood Meadows the characters are delighted to explain, demonstrate and answer the very searching questions posed by younger minds. Perhaps they would like to try on some armour, receive favours from the Quee or learn about our connection with nature from the wise women witches and faeire goddess mother. The executioner will demonstrate his knowledge of crime and punishment, and maybe the swordsmen will teach the dance steps essential to good swordsmanship.”

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