Eduardo Niebla brings flamenco jazz to the Festival of Chichester

Eduardo Niebla
Eduardo Niebla

Flamenco jazz guitar virtuoso and master Eduardo Niebla brings his Eduardo Niebla Experience back to the Festival of Chichester where he has become a favourite over the years.

This year he will be playing on Sunday, June 23 at 8pm in St John’s Chapel, St John’s Street, Chichester, accompanied by Matthew Robinson (guitar) and Dharmesh Parmar (tabla).

“I think I must have played at the Festival of Chichester three or four times now. I like it that the festival has such a range of artists and such different kinds of music. And also the audience is always very very warm there.

“I think the last three times I have been at St John’s but I don’t really remember. I play so many different places.”

But he is delighted to be bringing a tabla player with him: “With the tabla you have got to study for 20 years before you become a professional. It is like a lifetime of discovery and practice and mastery, and it is never-ending trying to learn it. It is like the guitar.

“And it works very well with the guitar. It is a very intricate instrument and the guitar is a very intricate instrument. They really work well together.”

Eduardo is delighted to be joined too by fellow guitarist Matthew.

“I think he has been around for about ten years. Matthew comes from a classical discipline and I come from a flamenco discipline and also have a very jazzy way when I am playing... so we are both very different. But I am very open as a guitarist. I have my own techniques, and if I am working with someone, he has to take on board all the different styles, and he is there now. He has been working hard. When I am wanting to work with someone, sometimes I speak with the music shops in London. I know them all. Or sometimes I approach the Royal Academy, but I think with Matthew. He was recommended by a teacher at the Guildhall, and that’s how we started working together.”

Eduardo’s point is that hard work is crucial: “You have got to be prepared to work very, very hard. And you have got to be open to many, many different approaches. I am a guitarist of the world. I am just learning from everything that I see and from everything that I hear. All of human life has influenced the way that I play over the years and the way that I approach the guitar.”

Eduardo comes to Chichester on the back of a new CD which came out in the spring, Las Olas de Niebla.The title track is dedicated to his brother back in Spain.

“My brother is older than me and used to be an amazing painter and used to be very well known, but then he got Alzheimer’s which is a really terrible disease.

“He is back home in Spain. He is OK, but Alzheimer’s is a horrible thing. Slowly, slowly they don’t recognise their family, and both my parents had Alzheimer’s before. They unfortunately died a few years back. But my brother is still alive and still in Spain and my sisters visit him every day.”

Eduardo’s concert appearances have included the Cairo and Tbilisi International Jazz Festivals, the Jaipur Festival India, the Queen Elizabeth Hall London, the Odessa Jazz Carnival, the Olympic Games Greece, the San Isidro Fiesta Madrid, Celtic Connections Glasgow and Glastonbury, as well as concert tours to Europe, the Baltic States, the Middle East and South Africa.

Since 1974 Eduardo has made 24 albums of his original compositions, recording for BASF, EMI Odeon, Venture Virgin, Jazz-Point and Riverboat Records.

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