Storrington's chocolate creations bursting with flavour


Everyone has their favourite chocolate - be it plain milk chocolate, a praline or orange cream.

But what about cardamom, olive oil and honey or maybe raspberry and black pepper?



These interesting combinations are the brainchild of Kim Robinson, owner of MooCoco, a chocolaterie in Storrington.

“My grandad was a whisky blender so I think I inherited his taste and nose to put flavours together,” reveals Kim.

“I have a core range of chocolates I always have and then may add a new flavour every ten days as a bit of a refresh.

“At Christmas I did a chestnut chocolate which was really popular and there is also peanut butter cup which people love.”

Chocolate hearts

Chocolate hearts

Everything is made fresh on site using fresh ingredients and cream.

“I don’t add fat or sugar just a little butter,” she says.

“It is all freshly tempered using chocolate callets from Madagascar, Ghana or Africa. I get chocolate where I know the people are paid fairly and it helps with schooling and the local infrastructure.”

Her range includes soft and crunchy pralines, Armagnac flavour truffles, a doppio espresso which is a very strong coffee in a 70 per cent dark ganache wrapped in milk chocolate.

Chocolate creation

Chocolate creation

“You get the coffee hit and then the creamy chocolate,” says Kim.

“When people come into the shop I give them samples to try and find many people then buy as they can taste how fresh they are.”

Kim has recently added a vegan truffle to her range after requests from customers.

“I created the truffles using hemp milk and coconut butter,” she explains.

“Some of the chocolate bars are vegan as they are a really dark chocolate but I am looking to do a praline, salted caramel and a milk chocolate.”

MooCoco can also do custom orders and has created favours for weddings.

“I have done a white chocolate bride and groom topper,” she says.

“I have also created a box with a Champagne cork, wedding bell, three chocolates and a heart, which are lovely.

“I also like creating mini sculptures to display, so planning one for mother’s day, Valentine’s, and the rugby Six Nations.”

Kim started her career in catering, and always enjoyed baking and sugar craft.

But it was after moving to Australia with her husband that she became interested in working with chocolate.

“The Perth Royal Agricultural show was on and it had six chocolate categories so I entered all six,” she explains.

“I won in five categories and was awarded the coveted ‘overall best in class’, it was amazing.”

Kim’s chocolates have also won a number of stars at the Great Taste Awards.

The cardamom, olive oil and honey truffle has won a star, so has the doppoino coffee chocolate.

In the future Kim is looking to hold chocolate tastings.

“The shop is tiny and we aren’t a cafe but I do have a table out the front,” she explains.

“I want to offer people maybe a loose leaf tea, a proper coffee or hot chocolate and they they can taste some of our chocolates.”

As for the name Kim reveals it has a family connection.

“Well my children used to call me Mummoo, which was then shortened to Moo. When I was thinking of a name for the business and I decided that I liked the sound of MooCoco.”

It is clear talking to Kim that chocolate is her passion.

She says: “I absolutely love what I do and always have so many ideas as to why I want to do next.”

And I am sure there will not be a lack of people willing to sample the delights on offer.

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