Horsham brewer Hepworth’s exhibiting at one of the country’s best know beer shrines

JPCT 071013 Andy Hepworth of Hepworth brewery with Business matters awards. Photo by Derek Martin
JPCT 071013 Andy Hepworth of Hepworth brewery with Business matters awards. Photo by Derek Martin

Horsham craft brewer Hepworth Brewers & Co has been invited to showcase its Classic Old Ale at a festival taking place this weekend at the White Horse in Parson’s Green, one of the country’s best-known beer ‘shrines’.

The festival, which runs from today until Sunday (November 24), will feature around 60 of the top winter ales from all over the UK, including old ales, stouts, porters, barley wines, winter warmers and milds.

The White Horse is expecting hundreds of beer drinkers to visit over the three days to enjoy the fine ales, food and live entertainment.

Hepworth’s founder and head brewer Andy Hepworth will be at the White Horse from 1pm until 3pm on Saturday, hosting a ‘Meet the Brewer’ event for drinkers interested in finding out more about Old Ale and Hepworths more generally.

Andy said: “It’s good to know that when the White Horse was choosing the best winter ales in the country for this festival, our Classic Old Ale was on their list.

“The pub has a long history of promoting fine beers and its festivals are well attended by beer enthusiasts including beer writers and bloggers who we hope will be impressed by Old Ale and spread the word about this fine, traditional Sussex ale.”

Hepworth’s Classic Old Ale is a dark, malty beer with a 4.8% ABV.

“It is primed with molasses to give it a luscious flavour, while Admiral hops are used to give it a balancing bitterness. From November to March, Old Ale is one of Hepworth’s top-selling beers.

“Old Ale has a delicious taste and warmth that make it the perfect drink for a winter’s day,” said the multi-award-winning brewer.

“It’s also a great accompaniment to seasonal dishes, such as hearty casseroles or roast meat and vegetables, as the slight sweetness in the beer matches the caramelised notes in the food.”

Old Ale recalls the type of beer brewed before the Industrial Revolution, a style embraced by Sussex brewers in particular. In the days before temperature-controlled cellars, it was customary to put a hot poker from the fire into a pint of ‘old’ to release the warming aromas and flavours.

Hepworth’s Old Ale is available on draught and in 500 ml bottles. Locally, it can be enjoyed in the following pubs: Anchor, Horsham; Sussex Oak, Warnham; Lamb, Lamb’s Green and George & Dragon, Dragon’s Green. It is also sold in: Beer Essentials, East Street; Waitrose; Bottle Shop, Crawley Road; Caterways, Merryfield Drive; Kirdford Community Stores; Newbridge Nurseries; Oak Tree Stores, Ifold and Wisborough Green Stores