Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra offer Chichester Cathedral concert


Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra will perform three pieces by two of the best-known composers in classical music in Chichester Cathedral on Saturday, September 14.

Spokewoman Tamsin Eddey said: “Schubert’s Overture in D will be followed by two of Beethoven’s masterworks, his Violin Concerto and his Symphony No 4.

“Beethoven’s Violin Concerto will be performed by Daniel Auner, an award-winning violinist judged by The Strad to be technically impeccable in a performance last spring.

“Schubert’s Italian influences are evident in his Overture in D, and its majestic and visionary depictions of Italy’s gorgeous landscapes are matched in evocative beauty by the piece that follows. Beethoven used his only violin concerto to capture the intense skill required to play the instrument to a high standard.

“The concert will conclude with Beethoven’s Symphony No 4, judged by fellow composer Hector Berlioz to be so great as to be the work of the Archangel Michael, rather than that of a human.

“The concert will be conducted by Marta Gardolińska, the BSO’s Young Conductor in Association. Marta has been wowing audiences since she joined the Orchestra in September 2018.”

Award-winning Polish conductor Marta has been establishing her name in the classical music scene in her country and abroad as an inspiring and versatile conductor. She has led ensembles including the ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien, the Polish Baltic Frédéric Chopin Philharmonic in Gdansk, Poland, The Orchestra of Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste, Italy, the Symphony Orchestra of Filharmonia Podkarpacka im A Malawskiego in Rzeszów, Poland and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta."

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