The great genius of Tango


The most sexy and passionate dance of all comes The Capitol in the musical show Tango! Tango! (Sunday, October 14, 7.30pm)

Tango! Tango! tells the story of the great genius of tango, Astor Piazzolla, an impassioned composer and outsider.

Influenced by jazz and classical music, The Great Astor fought, connived and survived for his music.

After a long struggle against the establishment, he revolutionised tango, bringing it out of the underground clubs of Argentina and turning it into one of the most popular forms of music and dance of the late twentieth century.

Patrick Lannigan plays Piazzolla in a show that explodes with colour and movement. Patrick has previously starred in The Double Bass and Genius Unleashed.

The dancers are Richard Manuel and Jenny Nolan. Jenny was featured dancing the Argentine tango on BBC TV’s Strictly Come Dancing.

The seductive intimacy of the music is created by Tango Volcano, five musicians who live and breathe tango.

Tango! Tango! is written by musician and author, Justin Pearson whose play Genius Unleashed about the life of Beethoven won the Craher Drama Prize 2001.

His other plays The Angel Of Rome, Thrilling The Angels and Stirring The Spirit have also told the stories of great musical figures.

Justin is a cellist and director of the Locrian Ensemble. Tango Tango premiered in a sell-out run at the ICA in London.

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