Strange scenes in surreal art exhibition

Men of Earth, Women of Heaven
Men of Earth, Women of Heaven

Surrealist artist Kerry Swift is currently holding her exhibition ‘Scenes from the life’ in the Hurst room at the Horsham Museum.

Noted for its dark quality Kerry’s work tends to be unsettling.

One visitor to the exhibition commented: “They’re very good, full of detail, but I couldn’t live with any of them.”

But Ms Swift is more than happy with the questions that her work raises.

She said: “Art should be thought provoking! For pretty flowers etc... I suggest wallpaper.”

“All my favourite artists like Dali, Ernst and especially Balthus have layers of ideas to their work. They ask questions of the viewer.

“Surrealism is all about the expression of ideas and ideas can be unsettling.

“As Dali said: ‘Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.’

“I am hoping that my paintings, though about my own life, have a resonance for other people.”

The exhibition continues until August.