Nature and folklore inspire husband and wife’s artwork

Within The Woods
Within The Woods
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A new exhibition that has just opened at Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum & Art gallery showcases the work of husband and wife Peter and Sarah Slight, whose intriguing works of art draw upon the natural world and folklore.

For this display Peter has created an array of 3D art tableaux while Sarah has captured several woodland scenes.

Within the Woods runs until August 30.

Reflecting on his work, Peter Slight said: “My images are heavily influenced by folk tales and fables, which gives my work a strong narrative feel.

“My style draws upon children’s book illustration from the 1950s, ʼ60s and ʼ70s.

“My aim is to produce work that is ambiguous, yet evocative, leaving space for the viewer to form their own conclusions.

“Within my naturalistic themes the solitary everyman is often portrayed with his eyes closed, as though in sleepy contemplation, or with a menagerie of animals in playful interaction.”

Sarah Slight’s photographic work offers a strong contrast, as suggested by her: “My images are predominately inspired by nature. I try to convey the sense of being alone in a landscape yet simultaneously the sensation of oneness with the surroundings.

“I focus on sparse landscapes and detailed abstract forms resulting in a new way of seeing a calm and simple beauty. Ultimately I aim for a form of aesthetic escapism.”

The strong themes and playful representations are sure to delight in this exhibition inspired by nature.

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