Emerging artist’s show focuses on human body

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Cranleigh Arts Centre presents the first solo exhibition of contemporary art by Louise Patey from May 29-June 12.

The exhibition marks new and recent work from an emerging artist.

Louise studied for a BA in fine art at the University for the Creative Arts, Surrey and graduated in 2012. She is a resident artist at Studio 8 within Greenham Arts, Newbury. She has exhibited throughout the United Kingdom, appearing in prestigious galleries and museums including Vyner Street Gallery, Corinium Museum, Menier Gallery, and 10 Gales Gallery.

Louise’s work focuses on her curiosity with the human body. She is interested in what she sees as the way we as humans repel our own self and are disgusted by what we are. As she says, the macabre and the grotesque are recent developments within her work which explores the abjected body and the thoughts held deep within it.

She is interested in using the element of craft juxtaposed with the grotesque body.

“The use of knitting is usually associated with comfort and holds a homely feel to it. However, when in my work, it creates an unfamiliar state, it becomes part of the body, the grotesque, the defiled, which turns the craft on its head and questions the material.

“We are a fragmented race as we deny who and what we really are.”

Louise’s work can be viewed at www.louisepatey.co.uk