Fledgling local business, the Pop-Up Indie Bookshop, has been invited to showcase fifty authors at the prestigious Ardingly Arts Fest.

The Bookshop will be at Ardingly Arts Fest on Monday, June 24, and the writers will set up next to the main stage, which boasts the likes of Dame Judi Dench and Stomp.

Featured authors will include rising star Gabriele Martin (Flight of the Uberites), who is jetting in from Qatar for the occasion.

Daisy’s creative team now includes author Mike Higgins, who was recently shortlisted for Writing Magazine’s Self-publishing Awards of the Year.

The second Bookshop ‘pop-up’ at Horsham Market was a huge success, marred only by the disappearance of the Pop-Up Indie Bookshop’s folder of press clippings.

The folder also contained printouts confirming the Amazon bestseller status of Daisy’s second novel Killing Time.

Daisy said: “Killing Time is very important to me, as I wrote it while I was suffering from severe post natal depression following the birth of my second child.

“Writing it was part of the healing process, and to have the book attaining bestseller status reminded me that all the struggle and hard work was worth it.”

Anyone who has found the book is urged to contact Daisy.

To join the team, and have your book featured email Daisy at