Belly dancers prepare for sponsored shimmy

The Dancing Roses
The Dancing Roses

A spectacular display of belly dancing will take place on Saturday July 20 from 3pm, in aid of School for Life, a charity providing special educational support to young adults Romania.

Professional belly dancer and dance teacher, Carina Rose, will be performing the ‘shimmy’ in Horsham’s Carfax bandstand with her dance troupe of students, The Dancing Roses.

She described what people in Horsham can expect on the day: “There will be lots of different styles, it will be bright and jolly, nice to watch and easy to join in.”

For children, there will be the opportunity to take part in a specially choreographed hokey kokey at some point during the afternoon. Carina explained why she enjoys belly dancing so much: “It makes me really happy to dance, I like the expressiveness of it.

“It’s considered the oldest form of dance. Its movements are found in all ancient cultures.

“I like the thought of doing something my female ancestors have done.”

Teaching the eastern dance form is a joy to Carina as well.

“The transformation it makes in people’s lives is amazing.

“Students can start off shy and awkward, but within a couple of weeks they’re holding their heads high.”

The group’s annual charity show normally takes place in the winter, so Carina is looking forward to performing in one of Horsham’s main public places. “It’s a really nice feeling to dance outside.”

Carina’s classes are held in Horsham and Surrey and are open to all. Contact Carina Rose on 07760162385 for more information.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the event can do so by visiting