Artist’s expressive abstract work on display

Art by Georgia Hamp
Art by Georgia Hamp

Promising young artist Georgia Hamp shows her skills in a new exhibition at Horsham’s Capitol (until September 2).

General manager Nick Mowat explained: “Georgia is a young artist who has recently completed her A levels at Farlington School. She is planning to go to university in September to study architecture.

“Art has always been a passion for Georgia, and in recent years she has developed a strong and expressive style. Her work combines a variety of media and textures, displaying a breadth of subjects including structural and abstracted cityscapes as well as refined and intimate portraits.

“In many of her most recent works Georgia has straddled the line between abstraction and realism, creating a fascinating expressive pieces guided by nature, which convey to the viewer the beauty of emotive marks and colour contrast.”

Georgia said: “For me it is not necessarily the subject that is most important. It is the creation of an aesthetic harmony with layers of textural and colourful elements discovered through experimentation.”

In the exhibition, Georgia will be exhibiting a wide variety of works, with subjects ranging from both natural and urban landscapes, portraiture and complete abstraction.