Horsham band Stone Shiva line up debut gig

Horsham-area band Stone Shiva offer their debut gig at the town’s Rec Rooms on October 26.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 10:04 am
Jason Falloon by Sue Surita

Guitarist and singer Jason Falloon, who lives in Rudgwick, brings to the band years of experience.

He’s Queen’s Roger Taylor’s go-to guitarist for his solo projects and has shared the stage with performers including Ronnie Wood, Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford and Roger Daltrey.

Now he’s looking forward to a new start with a new band with a striking new name.

“I was just reading a book or reading bits and pieces to do with Hindu philosophy and the various gods, and I just liked the name Shiva.

“What Shiva represents, as far as I could tell, is Shiva the Destroyer… but not the Destroyer as in something evil, more like cleansing, more like making a new start.”

The band started to come together when he met John Coombes, the drummer: “I just suddenly had an idea when I came back that night. He was playing in a covers band, and I thought the band was OK.

“But then I thought about the drummer and he was doing a very solid job.”

Jason suggested getting together and “perhaps start something happening. I didn’t really know what I wanted to happen, but I knew that I wanted to get my electric guitar out and do something in that direction. I do a lot of acoustic guitar.

“We had a bass player that just came along to help out so that I could hear John with a bass, and there was another guy we tried, but it didn’t really work out.

“And then I thought ‘Why not ask my brother Bob?’ Bob is a very good musician. He is primarily a guitar player, but he did play bass a long time ago. I thought ‘Why not ask him?’

“He ummed and ahhed and then said alright and so he dusted off his equipment.”

This was about three months ago, and now they are offering their debut gig as a trio – at the Rec Rooms.

“It is a big deal for me. This is what I have been doing all my life.

“It is what I do, but it doesn’t matter how long you have been doing it or what you are doing, this is something new, especially as it is my own songs.

“That is a different kind of pressure and so we are a bit out of our comfort zone. Usually you would start off with quite a few pub gigs just to get the band together, and from playing you get that tightness, so this is a bit nerve-racking.

“But actually, we had a run-through last night with a few people watching and it was set up like a gig.

“And it went very well.

“So no, actually, I feel quite relaxed about it… I think!

“If you had to put the music into a category, it would be rock.

“We are a three-piece – myself on electric guitar and singing, plus bass and drums. It is a power trio, that kind of sound.

“We are going to be loud, but it will sound good!

“The idea is to start getting gigs and find venues that accept bands that do their own material. You get more gigs if you are a covers band. It is harder to find audiences that are interested in hearing something that they have not heard before.”

And then, the aim is do some recording.

“That will happen fairly soon.”

Advance tickets £10, on the door £15. Tickets from therecrooms.com.

Support on the night comes from Black Heart Angel.