The Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Show returns to Horsham

Steve King returns to Horsham this Christmas with The Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Show, but this time he is promising the kiddies a much more immersive experience.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 7:45 am
Updated Monday, 9th December 2019, 7:46 am
Steve Elf and Rusty the Chef - Laurence Moran

Last year the show was actually in the Capitol; this year it switches to The Capitol’s Park Barn, just opposite, with performances this December on Sat 7-Sun 8, Tues 10-Mon 16 and Weds 18-Tues 24.

Throughout the year, Steve is Magic Mr Steve, a children’s party entertainer: “But this time of year, I like to do something a bit different, so we do this Christmas show, especially for the younger ages, children perhaps who are not old enough for the panto in the main theatre. We are talking about three and upwards, but really anyone who loves the magic of Christmas will love this show, especially if it is their first time of going to a show. I think this show will really hit the mark.

“It is not too long. It goes straight through. It is just under an hour and they get to meet Santa at the end and receive a gift from him. It is a cross between Santa’s grotto and a show, and I really love performing it.”

Steve is looking forward bringing to the show to a space which should be much more involving for everyone: “There is quite a lot of participation in the show anyway, but it should be much more immersive in there. And the children become Santa’s little helpers. They really help throughout the show getting everything ready for Christmas.

“I am playing Steve the elf. He is getting everything ready for Santa’s arrival, and Santa has left me a list of things that I need to get done before he arrives. All the children that come to see the show get the chance. Once we have done all that, hopefully Santa will arrive within the performance…”

Don’t worry. He does!

“Steve the elf is very keen to help. He is very excited about everything to do with Christmas. Elves love Christmas.

“He just needs a little bit of help. He is a bit nervous about getting everything perfect for Santa. He really looks up to Santa, as all elves do. He is really pleased to have the help of the children in the show.

“And there is also another storyline. Steve the elf wants to get some presents for Santa. He has noticed that Santa is always very busy giving everybody else presents, but Santa never gets any presents himself, and that’s the overarching theme. There is a little bit of a lesson about kindness in there.

“We love doing the show. There is myself and there is Rusty the elf, who is the cook. The children get to meet Rusty and of course they get to meet Santa. We also have Rudolf the Reindeer and a little mouse called Tiny Tina. There is a lot going on! And it is a lovely show.”

Tickets from The Capitol. Park Barn is wheelchair accessible but the Capitol ask that any customers with any access requirements let them know in advance so that they can be prepared best to assist you with your visit.

The production is an immersive experience and so seating is unreserved.

In Santa’s Workshop seating is a mixture of padded benches and large cosy cushions on a fully carpeted area. Suitable for ages three and up.