VIDEO: Faygate driver John Mickel’s terrifying crash

The first round of the season didn’t exactly go to plan for stock car legend John Mickel when he suffered a terrifying high speed crash.

Thursday, 11th April 2013, 1:34 pm

The former NASCAR racer from Faygate’s car was sent somersaulting into the air at high speed like an out of control spinning top before slamming into the type wall at Oulten Park

The whole ordeal was captured on camera and shows the dazed driver climb out of his battered car before collapsing on the ground.

Miraculously the father of two survived with only a concussion and severe bruising to his body. “The only thing I remember is being clipped after a good start, the front tyre digging in and the car lifting into the air and the next thing I knew I was on top of the tyre wall,” said John, who races in the UK Legends Championship.

“It was only looking back at the footage I realised how many times the car flipped. We’ve tried to count the spins, we reckon it’s close to ten but it’s difficult to say because I’m rolling so fast.

“I’m in quite a lot of pain but I didn’t break any bones and I walked away and lived to tell the tale so it could have been worse.”

This isn’t the first time John has been involved in a big accident. In 2010 he escaped his stricken car just moments before it exploded into flames, coming away with only minor burns.

“I don’t crash that often but when I do it tends to be spectacular,” John said. “My mate did ask me how many of my nine lives have I got left and I replied I don’t know.

Undeterred by his latest terrifying smash, John is already looking towards the next round of the Legends series later this month. That will depend on how quickly he can fix his car, sponsored by Partridge Green-based business Margrasil, whose owner Rickie Leggatt also races in the Mickel Motorsport team.

To watch the amazing on board footage from John’s car click on the following link: