VIDEO: Talbot’s pride at leading his hometown to title glory

Horsham Rugby Club captain Paul Talbot admitted it was a special moment to captain his hometown club to a title this season.

The skipper watched on from the sidelines as his team-mates cruised to victory and the London 3 South East on Saturday.

Horsham capatin Paul Talbot

Horsham capatin Paul Talbot

He suffered a broken leg in their victory over Gillingham Anchorians earlier this month and was part of an enthusiastic crowd against Old Dunstonians.

New Zealander Sean Tuhakaraina also suffered a broken fibula in March, but the pair who have more than played their part this season, were quick to join in the celebrations.

Talbot said: “I am absolutely delighted although gutted not to be part of the team at the moment.

“It’s just merit to the coaches and the boys’ hard work that myself and a few other players can get injured and players step up to the plate and beat a great team like Dunstonians.

“Since last season we are playing much more expansive rugby our scrums are much more destructive and we are coming up against much harder teams.”

The crown also held a poignant reminder to the captain after the tragedy of losing two team-mates when he was a colt at Horsham ten years ago.

He added: “It means everything to me as my father played for Horsham a long time ago.

“I moved away from Horsham to university and vowed never to play rugby again through certain instances at the club to do with players dieing, which I found very hard.

“I came back to the club and got an amazing welcome and we have come on leaps and bounds.”

Stocker added: “There were a couple of young colts that died on a tour a number of years ago that Paul was on and that effected quite a lot of the psychology of the team growing up, who all play for the first team now.

“You have got Richard, who was playing in the last team that was successful at Horsham, and a lot of the younger lads, were under, dare I say it a bit of pressure from their fathers, who played at a higher level.”