Water morning for Horsham Joggers at popular Bewl 15

Horsham Joggers in action at the Bewl 15 mile
Horsham Joggers in action at the Bewl 15 mile

Water morning it was for the Horsham Joggers at the popular Bewl 15 mile race near Wadhurst.

Sunday morning’s course in Kent followed undulating paths which stay close to the north, east and south-east of the Bewl Water reservoir before returning to the start following quiet country roads.

Horsham Joggers in action at the Bewl 15 mile

Horsham Joggers in action at the Bewl 15 mile

While the Joggers are becoming accustomed to warmer weather, this was a punishingly hot day with not much shade in evidence.

Bewl Water is actually fairly full, but despite this, the dry conditions led to some images which were reminiscent of the Marathon des Sables, or possibly the Cairo Marathon.

Leading the Joggers home was Raff Vitale in 2hr 09min 42sec, followed by Paul Chantler (02-12-20) and Alan Pettitt (02-15-14).

Notably groups of two and three Horsham Joggers managed to finish together demonstrating strong team spirit.

Other times: Brian Frost 02:24:23, Geri Smith 02:24:49, Richard Cornell 02:24:48, Emma Walters 02:24:49, Paul Yokom 02:34:16, Michael Saunders 02:34:21, Stephen Entecott 02:35:14, Helen Woods 02:38:40, Emma Comber 02:40:11, Rob Jochimsen 02:43:24, Derek Buckman 02:46:08, Richard Cherriman 02:47:13, Lisa Bowler 03:02:32, Laura Sowton 03:02:34, Michelle Garratt 03:07:05, Ian Wilcox 03:07:04, Vivienne Underhill 03:12:31, Finbarr Cotter 03:17:47, Clare Dutfield 03:17:55, Caroline Bransden 03:19:06, Dawn Whamond 03:24:48, Aimee Fenwick 03:28:57, Ali Shears 03:29:03, Elisabeth Scott 03:48:28.

There were very good points for the Joggers from their first four runners home in last weekend’s Downland Dash.

A number of members made the trip across to Hassocks for the sixth event in the West Sussex Fun Run League and they were led home by Pettit in 39-15.

Other times: Miranda Huisman 40:26, Emma Comber 42:31, Penny Barron 43:16, David Dawson 43:52, Richard Barron 45:36, Mark Comber 50:22, Caroline Bransden 54:17, Lorraine Hunter 1:01:46, Edna Clark 1:01:46, Christine Verlarde 1:01:47, Jenny Boyd 1:12:13

A select trio made the trip to Heathfield in East Sussex for a 10k run that formed part of the Sussex Grand Prix.

Paul Yokem finished in 48-36, followed by Pettitt (51-05) and Sue Hensman (1-15-41).