Horsham Rugby Club and Collyer's announce community partnership

Horsham Rugby Club and Collyer’s have announced a three-year community partnership between club and college.

Friday, 30th July 2021, 8:51 am
Updated Friday, 30th July 2021, 8:54 am

Nick Stocker, the director of rugby at Horsham Rugby Club said “We are delighted to have finally secured a partnership with Collyer’s college.

"It is one of the club’s priorities to support, develop and retain players in the game as they transition from age grade rugby to senior rugby.

"That’s across both the men’s and women’s game where Horsham has two thriving under-18 groups and many of our players already attend or are looking to study at the college.

Left to right: Glen Jones, head of rugby at Collyer’s; Richard Ordidge, vice-chairman and commercial manager at Horsham Rugby Club; and Nick Stocker, director of rugby at Horsham Rugby Club.

"We look forward to seeing the success of a combined programme of rugby across both organisations.”

Glen Jones, the head of rugby at The College of Richard Collyer added: “It’s been a long term ambition of the college’s to establish a high quality rugby program for its students.

"This partnership now allows for a collaborative programme to extend across seven days with player welfare and development at its heart.

"It must be stressed that it will not be compulsory for students who wish to study at Collyer’s to join Horsham Rugby Club but with the vast majority of student players already at the club it was the ideal fit.

"I am positive, with the combination of Horsham’s clear ambitions in rugby and Collyer’s outstanding academic provision, this new partnership will be very attractive to all students aspiring to achieve on and off the rugby field.”

Richard Ordidge, Horsham Rugby Club’s vice-chairman and commercial manager said “This agreement is really exciting. It is groundbreaking and has never been done in Horsham before.

"The partnership has been under discussion for a few years and has finally come to fruition.

"The partnership will promote both the club and college within its sponsors and stakeholders and will involve branded kit, branded equipment, pitch hire, advertising and other promotional events.

"Where practical and appropriate the club and college will promote and market each other via their numerous channels. The joint marketing strategy will clearly advertise that the club and college are in partnership.

"For example the under-18 coaching group at the club and the college coaching group for both men and women, will wear the same branded clothing.”