Discus star Jade Lally putting career on hold due to shock pregnancy

Jade Lally in action at K2 Crawley
Jade Lally in action at K2 Crawley

Horsham and Crawley discus star Jade Lally is putting her athletics career on hold for a year while she has a baby.

The Commonwealth bronze medallist has had mixed emotions as the pregnancy means a massive interruption to her plans to compete.

Lally revealed although she wanted to be a mother one day, the timing of the pregnancy came as a shock - along she hopes to be back competing for the next Olympics.

She said: “I’ll be out of action for competitions all this year but I’ll compete again next year which is Olympic year.

“I didn’t plan on getting pregnant so I wouldn’t say I chose to have a baby.

“I found myself pregnant and then chose to keep it as I wanted to be a mum at some point, although we were planning to have one after the Tokyo Olympics, not before!”

Lally, who is a personal trainer, is also planning to leave Horsham to be closer to family so she can get support when the baby arrives.

“I’m moving to Morden to live with my auntie as no doubt I’ll need help as the pregnancy advances.

“I’ll have to commute to Horsham for as long as I possibly can.

“After she is born however, me and my boyfriend will move to Loughborough for a year so I can focus on making the team for my second Olympics.”

Lally, 32, is having prepare for motherhood on her own as her partner currently lives in Australia.

She said: “Life is a bit more stressful. We’re currently having problems with the visa he will need to be here for the 14 months. It’s not practical living in South London and working in Horsham.”

The British champion is still working on her fitness in as well as continuing her work as a personal fitness trainer. I also can’t throw anymore as my body doesn’t like the twisting.

“This is probably also to do with the fact I gave myself a hernia just before I found out I was pregnant. But most gym work is still very doable.”

The break from competition will also be a an opportunity for her to fully recover from long-term injury which has hampered her for the last couple of seasons.

She said: “I hope I can recover but I don’t think pregnancy is the best way to give your body a rest! But you never know, I hope I’m one of the people that are stronger because of it.”