Thirds beat the freeze to move second

Horsham Squash Club’s men’s third team travelled to a freezing Littlehampton Squash Club and secured a fine first win for the second half of the season and returned with 16 points from their 3-2 win.

With the temperature heading for minus 5c and Littlehampton known as the coldest courts in the league it was always going to be interesting.

Peter McLaren made this his fifth successive win for the third team, his previous four victories having earned him the number one string for this outing. He started hesitantly in the fridge like conditions but then stormed through to a 3-1 win.

Minutes after that Chris Moon, playing in his inimitable style overcame the opposing number five string 3-1. Horsham’s Ahmet made short work of his opponent in a 3-0 win, but there was a reverse of that score for Steve Bowers who battled through illness.

With Horsham 3-1 up the pressure was off for the final match, which proved the closest of the day. Acting skipper John Barnbrook only just lost a see-saw of a match 3-2, but it couldn’t prevent a fine overall victory for the Horsham side who go back to second in the table.