Six strong men look to dominate Sussex Strongest Man competition

Horsham have a powerful six-man showing at the Sussex Strongest Man competition in Hastings as they look to dominate the event.

The competitors from Horsham include Paul Talbot and Brett Miles in the main event, with Richard Owen, Jordan Miles, Lewis Fisher and former professional rugby player Adam Halsey, who is now a coach at Horsham Rugby Club, taking part in the novice event.

Sussex Strongest Man 2017 will take place on Saturday, October 14, at the Inner Strength Gym in Hastings with the event involving five gruelling events.

Former Horsham Rugby Club captain Paul Talbot, explains injuries helped him focus on his dream of competing in Strongman competitions and wants a big showing in Hastings.

He said: “I suffered a couple of nasty injuries including a broken ankle and they gave me a kind of kick to change sport and pursue something I’ve always been really fascinated in.

“Brett was my way into Strongman, he’d been doing for a year before me and was the inspiration take it on.

“I’ve built up in the last year to get onto the podium, coming second and third twice so it would be great to win this one.”

Brett Miles, from Kingsfold, has previously competed in England’s Strongest Man and is excited about coming against his good friend Paul Talbot in the main event.

He said: “It’s a great rivalry and we’re great friends, at the moment we’re even as I’ve beaten him in a couple and he’s beaten me in a couple so this might be a decider.”

Brett, 31, weighing in at 17 stone and standing at 6’1 is hoping to get onto the podium but knows the challenge.

He said: “You enter every competition hoping to win but the smallest of mistakes can cost you so on the day you hope to turn up in your best condition and at full-strength.”

Joining them is former London Irish player Adam Halsey, from Horsham, who’s competing in the novice event.

He said: “It’s my first competition so I want to go in there and enjoy the experience.

“Since I’ve retired from rugby last year I haven’t competed in anything in ages so yeah a little bit different and out of the ordinary for me but I’m excited to take part.”

Competitors on the day will battle out at car dead lifts for reps, Conan’s wheel, an 11 ton monster truck pull, axle clean and press before finishing on the signature atlas stones challenge where the winners are decided.