Joggers clock up the miles after losing an hour sleep at Cranleigh, Christ’s Hospital and Lancing

Horsham Joggers at Mel's Millers 10k
Horsham Joggers at Mel's Millers 10k

The choice for Horsham Joggers last weekend included two distances at Cranleigh, the 15 or 21 miler, or two 10k races at either Christ’s Hospital or Lancing College.

Losing one hour of sleep as the clocks went forward made it seem a very early start. The somewhat overcast weather across the South-East was not encouraging, but not too bad for running.

The Christ’s Hospital event was very well organised by local running group Mel’s Milers. The race started with a lap of the school grounds before heading off to Southwater along the Downs Link, through Southwater Country Park, and back along the Downs Link.

Almost 30 Horsham Joggers took this 10k option and there were some very good times among the results.

Simon Perkins 38.13, Matt Mason 38.23, Dean Angell 38.32, Harry Wilcox 39.27, Hadley O’Dwyer 39.28, Raff Vitale 39.46, Tom Robertson 41.01, Mark Hawthorne 42.49, Euan Ramage 44.42, Paul Aylett 45.33, Philip Liberman 46.02, Lin Whiting 46.20, Emma Walters 46.55, James Boniface 47.37, Rachel Hamson 47.47, Mark Aylmore 47.54, Guy Gilder 48.02, Clive Walker 48.32, Jim Hawthorne 49.04, Tom Gaule 49.31, Walter Edgar 51.10, Peter Helliwell 55.27, Andrew Robins 56.17, Richard Barron 56.52, John McSkimming 59.30, Clare Dutfield 1.01.35, Joanne Hartland 1.02.16, Claire Miller 1.03.15 and Christine Velarde 1.10.47.

Meanwhile at Lancing College another academic setting saw the start and finish of another 10K. This was two loops around the grounds of the college which, quoting the course guide, ‘included some inclines’. Representing Horsham Joggers here were Neil Clarke 56.27, Lorraine Hunter 01.13.15, Stephanie Charman 01.13.17, Fiona Lear 01.16.19, Edna Clark 01.18.59 and Amanda Avery 01.22.05.

At Cranleigh the combined 15/21 mile event is billed as a training run for Spring Marathons, though some entrants treat it as an event in its own right.

It is very popular, and 34 Horsham Joggers completed their choice of the two options. It is a two-lap course, with laps of nine miles and then 6 miles.

Those completing the 21 mile event go round the second lap twice, so have the joy of passing the finish with six miles still to complete.

On the 21 mile event were Gary Tomlinson 02.16.28, Stuart Carruthers 02.45.20, David Jones 02.46.41, Brian Frost 02.46.46, Matt Whyman 02.49.33, Zoe Tetlow 02.51.37, Tim Hampson 02.54.13, Paul Langley 02.56.02, Richard Cornell 02.58.28, Lorraine Treadwell 03.01.26, Emma Comber 03.02.58, Stephen Maskens 03.03.05, Peter Tyrrell 03.12.44, Phyl Weston 03.16.46, Jo Tomlinson 03.29.51, Louise Johnson 03.38.33, Alan Pettitt 03.38.19, Arun Cooke 03.45.13, Ali Shears 03.49.03, Margaret Wadman 03.49.15, Fiona Christer 03.52.04, Emma Whyman 03.54.48, Laura Sowton 03.55.11, Deborah Weller 03.57.10, Meg Burnal 04.06.15, Philippa Mortimer 04.06.21 and Sue Hensman 04.13.27.

Completing the 15 mile event were Geri Smith 02.09.08, Mike Dean 02.11.20, Martyn Newton 02.13.59, Russell Kemp 02.17.14, Sharon Burchett 02.19.47, Kirsty Anstee-Brown 02.19.49 and Chantelle Shekyls 02.46.08.