Horsham pizza boy is hot stuff

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A PIZZA boy from Horsham has been serving up more than just tasty fast food after becoming one of the hottest properties in English volleyball.

A PIZZA delivery driver from Horsham has been serving up more than just tasty fast food after becoming one of the hottest properties in English volleyball.

Timotej Jostiak from Slovakia, who works at Domino’s in the town, is primed to make his debut at the highest level of the domestic game this weekend following a host of starring performances for Croydon this season.

The 6ft 5inch giant has scored around 20 individual points a game for Croydon, propelling them to the top of Division 1 of the London League, the second tier of the domestic game, and his club are in not doubt as to how big a star he is.

Emanuel Balsamo, sporting director at Croydon said: “Since Timo’s been here he’s become a kind of local celebrity with big crowds of people coming to our games just to see him play.

“He’s a remarkable player, he can jump over 1.5 metres and he gets his head and shoulders above the net which is 2.43 metres, his jump is like an elastic band.

“He’s been awarded most valuable player every game he’s played and the amount of points he’s scored has put us top of the league. I’ve no doubt he’s one of the best players in the country at the moment and he’s such a nice guy who enjoys training our juniors.”

Croydon’s coaches are well placed to asses Timotej’s talents as one of the top clubs for youth development in the country, and his phenomenal displays have also caught the eye of top club London Polonia, who play in the National Super 8s, the very top tier of the English game.

Polonia scouts watched the 22 year old in action during Croydon’s last game and were so impressed they have already added him to their squad and are planning to unleash him as their secret weapon in this Saturday’s National Cup match against Leeds.

Timotej is in England to earn money during a year’s break from studying dental medicine in his native Slovakia, where the game of volleyball is more popular then over here.

He is no stranger to playing at the top flight of the game having played for Stara Lubovna in his home country but says he is unsure what to expect when he travels to the London club for the first time this weekend.

“I came over to England to earn some money while on a break from studying but I missed volleyball so I went along to Croydon to train with them. They are a very nice team and have a lot of good young players who need a bit of training but are very enthusiastic to learn.”

“I’m a little nervous because I’m going up to train with them for the first time tomorrow so I don’t know what to expect but I’m also very excited.”

Timotej and Croydon Volleyball Club have thanked Domino’s in Horsham for being flexible around his training and matches.