Horsham Joggers to honour the Boston blast victims at Sunday’s London Marathon

Medical workers aid injured people at the 2013 Boston Marathon. (AP Photo)
Medical workers aid injured people at the 2013 Boston Marathon. (AP Photo)

The Boston Marathon explosions have left Horsham Joggers even more determined to run in this weekend’s London Marathon after two of their runners were unhurt in the blasts.

Dave Sandham and Tony Frankland had completed the course around an hour before two bombs went off killing three people and injuring more than 150, several seriously.

The tragic events have led to safety concerns ahead of this Sunday’s London Marathon, where a group of around 25 Joggers will join thousands of runners in wearing black armbands to honour those killed and injured in Boston on Monday.

Horsham Joggers chairman Tony Johnston said: “I don’t think any of our runners thought about pulling out for even a minute, if anything I think it’s made them more determined to carry on and I hope the spectators feel the same because it’s always a fantastic occasion.

“I can’t answer for all of our runners but of course there are concerns after what happened, it will be in the back of people’s minds but I’m sure they will be thinking more about completing the race, for some it’s their first marathon.”

The first Mr Johnston heard about the Boston explosions was from Dave and Tony to say they were unhurt and he added: “It’s a great relief they were well away from it.

“In previous years families have travelled out to the Boston Marathon with the runners and cheered them on the finishing line. Luckily this wasn’t the case this year, otherwise it could have very different.”