Horsham Joggers pair Steve and Mark in the medals

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Horsham Joggers were strongly represented in local road and multi–terrain races at the weekend.

The latest Sussex Grand Prix race was held at Eastbourne, where the half marathon saw fine personal best performances by Cat Corck (1h 37m 40s) and Julia Johnson (1h 55m 56s). They were among a 16-strong HJ team which was led home by Bryan Camfield in 1h 20m 19s, with Rachel Guckenheim leading the club’s ladies in 1h 35m 40s. Blind runner Mick Duplock was guided by Paul Aylett in a superb 2h 27m 17s.

The Surrey Spitfire 20 Miler was contested by Chris Yeomans (3h 00m 36s), Jenny White (3h 17m19s) and Pam Warren (3h 17m26s).

In The Tempest 10-mile race at the same Dunsfold venue, there were fine runs by Steve Nicholls (59m 55s) and Mark Greet (59.57), taking second and third places respectively.

They were followed by Chris Wigby (67.24), Helen Woods (93.26) and Amanda Sullivan (94.45).

Another recent personal best time was run by Emma Catlow (1h 55m 09s) in the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon. She was followed by Helen Woods (2.02.58), Helen Mallows(2.08.00) and Colleen Conti (2.18.42).

Eastbourne Half Marathon full results: Bryan Camfield (1h 20m 19s), Tony Johnson (1-32-01), Rachael Guckenheim (1-35-40), Jason Walker (1-37-40), Catherine Corck (1-37-40) PB, Paul Addie (1-37-56), Alan Pettitt (1-41-45), Janine Littler (1-43-46), Neil Jennings (1-46-38), Edward Smith (1-48-35), Lin Whiting (1-49-51), Geoffrey Parker (1-52-32), Julia Johnson (1-55-56) PB, Mick Duplock (2.27.17), Paul Aylett (2.27.17), Paul Chandler (2.29.58).