Horsham Jogger Boniface bounds to third place in Brighton half marathon

Brighton Half Marathon 2017. Photo by Derek Martin
Brighton Half Marathon 2017. Photo by Derek Martin

Horsham Jogger Neil Boniface finished an impressive third in the Brighton half marathon on Sunday.

A field of 12,500 runners took to the streets for the 27th running of the popular event.

DM1729724a.jpg. Brighton half marathon. Neil Boniface, third. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170227-142738001

DM1729724a.jpg. Brighton half marathon. Neil Boniface, third. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-170227-142738001

Brighton’s megastar DJ Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim, started the race.

The course is just over 13 miles, winding through the city, along the seafront and past landmarks like Brighton Pier.

The half marathon is one of the first major half marathons in the running calendar and is among the most popular races in the UK, with many people raising money for various charities and causes.

The race was won by Jonathan Tipper in 1-08-37. He was closely followed by Stuart Hawkes in 1-08-43. Eleanor Davis was the first female home, finishing in 24th overall in 1-14-27.

Nearly 50 Horsham Joggers took their place among the field for the 13-mile race with Boniface leading them home in 1hr 08min 55sec.

Steve Nicholls was the second Jogger home in 1-20-22 and Paul Oakley third in 1-20-26.

Other times: Richard Lee Wright 1.24.50, Harry Wilcox 1.27.05, Mal Thornton 1.28.45, John Willcox 1.29.30, Stuart Adesilu 1.30.23, Alex Evans 1.31.30, Steve Mitchell 1.37.24, Paul Adams 1.37.25, Mike Saunders 1.35.58, Mark Gibson 1.36.21, Beck Howard 1.39.17, Raff Vitale 1.41.23, Rob Crocker 1.29.55, Dan Price 1.40.19, Alan Pettitt 1.41.53, Paul Yokom 1.42.34, Emma Catlow 1.41.50, Guy Gilder 1.43.59, Richard Cherriman 1.45.50, Michelle Garrett 1.47.37, Derek Buckman 1.49.21, Chris Wardle 1.50.45, Rob Jochimsem 1.53.19, Ian Wilcox 1.46.01, James Munden 1.55.00, Holly Wanless 1.55.02, John Dykes 1.59.04, Finbar Cotter 2.07.15, Viv Underhill 2.07.15, Paul Arnold 2.11.36, Lou Johnson 2.02.25, Andy Jefford 2.12.52, Alan Jones 2.08.47, Rita Cotter 2.18.18, Caroline Bransden 2.19.39, Sally Arnold 2.23.24, Simon Long 2.23.58, Sue Hensman 2.19.14, Elizabeth Scott 2.26.16, Lorraine Hunter 2.24.22, Pip Mortimer 2.24.27, Victoria Saunders 2.34.40, Paul Chandler 2.37.31, Jane Adams 2.42.05, Deb Weller 2.49.00, Jenny Boyd 3.05.44, Clare Brown 3.09.13.

In the slightly more unusual surroundings of Thorpe Park, Emma Combe continued her fine form finishing in 1-39-06 in the Surrey theme park’s inaugural half marathon.

More than 4,000 runners took part in the race on Sunday which was won by Andy Vernon in 1-05-27.

Other Joggers’ times: Will Green 1.45.21, Helen Varcoe 1.51.11, Kirsty Anstee Brown 1.54.47, Sharon Burchett 1.56.30, Sarah Bargman 1.59.03, Julie Hill 1.59.03, Fiona Clifton 2.11.18, Fiona Lear 2.22.11, Lisa Bowler 2.27.22, Steph Charman 2.35.00, Edna Clark 2.36.45, Linda Morris 2.41.59.

In the weekends strangest event three crazy Joggers ran the Multi-Story Marathon in Worthing.

As the name suggests the race involves running up and down a car park 71 times with ascents equal to Ben Nevis.

Peter Thirkettle, Graham Clarke and Gemma Baker completed it in 4-15-20, 4-39-02 and 5-22-21, respectively.