Horsham Hawks basketball club to benefit from Olympic legacy

Horsham Hawks' under-11s enjoyed a successful 2012
Horsham Hawks' under-11s enjoyed a successful 2012

Horsham Hawks basketball coach Giovanni Lozzi will use the tips he picked up during the Olympics to help inspire youngsters at the club

Giovanni was a team liaison group leader at the Basketball Arena in the Olympic Park for the Games, and after his return to Horsham can’t wait to share some of the tricks of the trade thanks to a Gillette Great Starts funding boost.

The Great Starts campaign offers help with coaching funding, and will pay for Giovanni’s level-two coaching certificate.

“London 2012 was great for me,” Giovanni declared. “It was good to see what the national sides do.

“I found some new drills to do and I picked up on how the players are coached and it was useful for me.

“I have to consider that I am coaching children but I think we can take a lot from it. The spirit of training was fantastic, they were all together.

“If you consider international teams only stay together for short periods, it is amazing to see how together they can be and I thought we must have that in our team.

“You don’t have to be the best technically but that can give you 50 per-cent more. To have both the men’s and women’s British teams playing was great and the public interest was huge.

“It was packed for all the games, not just the British ones, and I am seeing more interest in children coming to the try-outs that we ran. It was a great boost for the sport.”

And Giovanni, 56, hopes the opportunities the grant will provide will allow him to nurture talent in the Horsham district.

He added: “I wanted to progress so I can go into schools because here in the UK there are a lot of potentially good players who are tall and strong. Level two will also give me the chance to coach on my own and I currently volunteer, so I would like to earn some money from it.”