Griffiths hopes to hit bullseye in new TV Show

20/11/12  ' 'Dart Board.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (123808-3) ENGPPP00120121122122406
20/11/12 ' 'Dart Board.'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (123808-3) ENGPPP00120121122122406

A Horsham dart player is bidding to hit the bullseye and become next star of a new ITV show based on the sport.

From a young age, it was Gareth Griffiths’ dream to play darts professionally, but with knocks on the way that hope appeared to be over, although things may have changed.

The captain of the Kings Arms team in could be taking part in a new ITV show called Who Darts Wins - which will be hoping follow in the footsteps of 80s favourite Bullseye.

Griffiths said: “It’s a game show where you are paired up with a professional player who will captain your side. Your friends and family will answer various questions whether that’s general knowledge or music and so on.

“Prizes on offer will be cash, holidays and cars. They’re not giving too much away at the moment, but it’s exciting.

“My friend tagged me in a post on Facebook advertising the show. Then I had a phone call from ITV saying that they heard that I was interested. They sent an application form over to me, I sent it back and my audition is next week.”

Auditions for the show have been taking place and ITV with Griffiths’ set for August 13 with view of recordings in September.

He added: “All they have said to me is bring your A game and to be a character. You’ve got to be entertaining. I’m not really sure what to expect, I’m sure there will be professionals around so I am looking forward to it. I’m not too worried, but may be a bit nervous on the day!”

Griffiths recently moved to Maidstone and still travels down to Horsham regularly to play for the King’s Arms, but the 27-year-old will be the first to admit that darts has recently been put to one side.

He said: “At the minute I have other job prospects closer to where I live, so I have taken that, but I still travel down when I can.

“I’ve been playing at the Kings Arms for years. I have been asked to play for other teams, which I have turned down, but they’re more of a family than a team now.”

With his aspirations of being pro being put to one side, would Griffiths like this to be the step to making his dream come true?

“I would do to be honest, because when I’m on my A game, I’m on my A game. If a professional is there on the day, and throws a high score and I match it, it would be very interesting, It would definitely get the crowd going,” he added.

One player Griffiths would like to play if he reached the show is close friend Kirk Sheppard. At the age of 15, the two faced each other in the Coomb Haven Darts Open final, which Sheppard just came out on top in a close final which ended 3-2.

After the defeat, Griffiths gave up the sport before rediscovering his love for the game at the Kings Arms again years later, he said: “I haven’t played Kirk for a number of years. I would like to go up against him because he is one of my good friends. I don’t know whether or not he will be involved, but if he is, I want to get him back. “