Former Great Britain judo ace Jeremy bids to join Brownlee brothers in triathlon elite

Jeremy Luff
Jeremy Luff

Great Britain international judoka-turned-triathlete Jeremy Luff has set his sights on re-tracing the footsteps of Olympic heroes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee.

Jeremy, 39, from Roffey hopes to secure a place as an elite competitor at the prestigious London World Triathlon Championships in September - two years after taking-up the sport. Formerly a top-six Great Britain ranked judoka, Jeremy represented his country across Europe in events such as the Belgian and German Opens, but after a cruciate ligament injury curtailed his career, decided to turn his hand to something new.

Jeremy’s bid to compete alongside the Brownleee brothers on the Olympic course around Hyde Park has started in ernest with six days of training a week and the Eastbourne Half Marathon earlier this month. And he will discover if he has won a place in the provisional 35-45-year-old age group after the Diva Triathlon in Chester and the British Triathlon Championships in Liverpool.

Jeremy commented: “Triathlon reminds me of my judo days, I tried a few different sports, such as golf and a few team sports but I found triathlon is all about you. It’s a sport of mind over matter, how you set yourself up physically and how you set yourself up mentally. I can’t play football for that reason, I like the individuality of it - if you don’t train hard enough or put enough focus on it you only have yourself to blame.”

Jeremy, who first represented Great Britain as an 18-year-old, is relishing the opportunity to prove himself in another sporting arena. “It will be fantastic,” he declared. “It feels like I have rebranded myself. To get to the top level of another sport will be the ultimate for me. I’d like to think it could inspire other people to go into another sport if they have had success in another. I sometimes think I should have taken this up from the start.”