Cycle race road closures

Road diversion sign
Road diversion sign

There will be significant and extensive road closures this weekend, as the excitement surrounding the London 2012 cycle race comes at a cost for road users as far south as Mole Valley and Guildford.

All roads used for the cycle race will be closed from 4am on Saturday July 28, and from 6am on Sunday July 29.

They will re-open for the public three hours after the cyclists have passed through - in Mole Valley this will be no earlier than 6pm on each day.

Affected roads include the A24 London Road, running from Reigate Road in Dorking through to the Givons Grove roundabout of Leatherhead, and the A25 Guildford Road from Dorking High Street to Guildford.

The Box Hill loop and zig zag will continue to be closed till 30 July. The cycle route, on its final stretch to the Westminster finish, from Mole Valley through Esher and Hampton Court, will mean part road and car park closures surrounding the A24 and A244.

For a full list of road closures and relevant times, contact the Surrey Olympic 2012 team on: 0300 200 1018, or visit: