Baseball player selected to represent country looking for sponsorship help

JPCT 100713 S13281610x Horsham. Jordan Edmonds.  Baseball for Great Britain -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 100713 S13281610x Horsham. Jordan Edmonds. Baseball for Great Britain -photo by Steve Cobb

A young man from Southwater who has been selected to represent Great Britain in baseball is looking for sponsorship to help continue his career.

Jordan Edmonds’ parents have spent around £1,900 to help their son take part in the men’s European qualifier in Zurich, Switzerland, between July 21-28 as well as travel to South Africa in August to play in the under-19 team against the African academy.

The ex Collyer’s student explained: “I was expecting to hopefully get into the men’s team in three or four year’s time but getting it at the age of 18 I feel really privileged.

“My parents would find any way they could to help but it’s quite a lot a financial strain. Obviously there has to be a limit to how much money I can get from them to fund everything that I want to do.”

Jordan, who lives in Pevensey Road, also made the Major League Baseball (MLB) European Academy in Tirrenia, Italy, last year which was for the top 50 prospect players in Europe and coached by Ex MLB players like Bruce Hurst (Red sox) and Dale Murphy (Atlanta Braves).

“I’m enjoying it a lot,” he added. “There’s not a specific job that I would go for but baseball is giving me the opportunity to make it professionally and hopefully turn into a career if someone took a chance on me.”

He also hopes to study history or sports journalism at an American college next year.

“All the colleges out there have a team and they have divisions and you can get drafted through the college system into the major league teams,” added Jordan, who attended Horsham Junior Baseball club after his interest began in the sport around aged ten.

“The government doesn’t fund baseball because it’s not an Olympic sport, but I think they’re pushing for it to be put back into the Olympics in 2016.

“I’m looking for any local business that would be interested in giving any amount to help and if I did make it, I would give a lot to my parents for sacrificing thousands of pounds for me,” he continued.

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