Atlantis swimmers make waves at season opener

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The new swimming season kicked off with the annual Sussex Relay event held in Horsham at the Pavillions on Sunday September 8.

Clubs from across Sussex entered boys and girls teams in age groups in both medley and freestyle and in many events, especially in younger age groups there were over 20 teams competing to make the final.

Atlantis had an A and B team in every swim and successfully achieved a finalist in every single event, a notable achievement against a strong field. In many events Atlantis B teams came in the unlucky ninth position just missing out on the final.

In an exciting day to a packed spectator area Atlantis secured 5 medals overall.

The nine and ten year old girls team of Ethel Whyman, Amelia Wright, Emma Morris and Rebecca Barber secured silver in both the medley and freestyle events.

The girls 11/12 year old team of Lauren Pedel, Gemma Cumber, Maddie Carey and Lily Cherriman secured silver in medley and with Anya Elvin replacing Lily, the team won bronze in the freestyle event.

The girls 13/14 year old team of Yasmin Hooker, Lily Davis, Rose Stride and Isabelle Storey won silver in the medley event.

Head coach Bill Penny said: “It’s always great fun and excitement for the swimmers and the parents at these events and our swimmers did us proud, once again giving it all to swim for Atlantis.”

Elsewhere a quite brilliant swim from Atlantis junior club captain Yasmin Hooker saw the teenager claim a storming victory in what was her very first open water swim.

The event at the Vachery Estate in Cranleigh saw the 15-year complete the 1,500m course in 23.6mins to take first place, and in winning she not only beat all the women in the event but also all the men.

Previously used to swimming in clean pools where she can see the bottom, the thought of swimming in a murky lake did not put her off and Yasmin has now been bitten by the bug and would like to do more open water swimming.