Please don't stop top-level football - it's keeping up our spirits

The mood in football – like that of the whole country generally – does seem to have shifted significantly in the past week or two.

Friday, 15th January 2021, 9:17 am
Updated Friday, 15th January 2021, 9:20 am
Watching Phil Foden, Percy Tau and Co is giving us all something to focus on / Picture: Getty

With the new national lockdown under way, and few thinking it is not the right thing to be in place, the pressure for football matches to be played come what may has reduced.

In non-league circles, at least those below the National League, teams are being asked to have their say on a proposal to terminate the season.

There’s a school of thought the league tables should just be frozen and the current season’s games ought to continue when football does eventually get back to normal – after all, who can say next winter will be unaffected?

But few believe a return to action will be possible or safe within the next couple months.

Some believe the National League is heading the same way. You only have to look at how many postponements the Hawks have had in recent weeks to see how chaotic things are at that level.

And I wonder how close we are to an enforced break in Leagues One or Two? Each time you hear of a new club having a Covid outbreak, you can’t help thinking that keeping fixtures going is a losing battle, though dare I say things do seem to have improved a little at that level over the past week or so?

Having said all that, I don’t agree with the view expressed by Steve Bruce - and plenty of others in football and further afeidl - that all football should cease.

He says it’s morally wrong for the sport to continue and I can see where he is coming from – but I also believe football can play an important role in keeping our spirits up at this time.

When things like meeting friends and going to the pub are banned, the knowledge there’s a bit of live football to follow a couple of times a week is a comfort. Having aid that, if you sat through Arsenal v Crystal Palace last night you might think otherwise.

I hope football plays on - and I can't say I am worked up about whether players want to hug or five when celebrating goals - and I hope the leagues that have ceased are back with us soon.

Goodness knows, we need something to get excited about right now.