Roffey’s cup comeback is wrecked by last-minute goal

There was late heartbreak for Roffey, who staged a super comeback at Ifield only to be knocked out of the cup by a last-minute goal.

When Andy Lampard slammed in his second goal from the penalty spot with three minutes remaining extra-time beckoned.

But having come from 2-0 down to level at 2-2, the hosts netted a third in the 89th minute to render their efforts in vain. Still a positive Roffey boss Dan Redman said: “The pleasing thing is we come away knowing we played some really good football and if we keep that up we’ll be fine.”

A fluke goal from Phil Butcher and a Clive Piller goal with heavy suspicions of offside had hosts Ifield 2-0 up with 35 minutes played.

Charlie Hogson picked out Lampard at the back post and the striker nodded in to reduce the deficit at half-time.

Roffey conitued to play their football in the second half, and after a number of penalty shouts were waved away they finally got one late on which Lampard dispatched with aplomb.

But having done the hard work the visitors relaxed, allowing Ryan Brackpool to surge through the middle and win it for Ifield.

Roffey: Norris; Powell (Young 75), Spence, Mitchell-Harris, Jeal; Barber, Dumbrill, Matthews; Hogson, Standing (Roadley 65), Lampard.