Colbran: ‘I’ve made mistakes’

Horsham boss Simon Colbran
Horsham boss Simon Colbran

Simon Colbran says he has to take a big slice of the blame for Horsham’s inconsistent form for being too harsh on his players.

There was a definite change of tact in the wake of the mid-week defeat to Ramsgate with Colbran publicly backing his team rather than being critical, and on Saturday they responded with a much-improved showing to beat Folkestone Invicta at Gorings Mead.

A Gary Charman header in the first half and another wonderfully struck free kick from Billy Medlock after the break did the trick, and although Josh Burchell replied for the visitors, the Hornets comfortably held on for a 2-1 win to move up two places to 18th.

And although a hamstring injury to Eddie Koboah and a late red card for Ryan Marriott took some of the gloss off Horsham’s day, Colbran was still delighted with his side’s response after three straight defeats.

“Like I said before, when I went in that changing room (after the Ramsgate defeat) they were devastated and that means they care, and I’ve said to them maybe I’ve approached things wrong,” he said. “I’ll put my hands up, just because I’m the manager doesn’t mean I’m expected to do everything right, I’m still learning as well, and maybe I was a bit too hard on them and I put my hands up and said that.

“I said I can see you care and sorry if I’ve been on your case the whole time, but let’s get together and bring it on together.

“I think I’ve been wrong how I’ve approached things the last few weeks. I think I’ve given them rollickings too often, rather then telling them where they’ve gone wrong.

“I was in the wrong, but today we’ve gone in with a different approach completely, we said let’s enjoy ourselves today, that’s what it’s about and they’ve taken on board they had to play as a team rather than individuals.”