YM refuse to panic after third straight loss

Horsham YMCA manager Peter Buckland
Horsham YMCA manager Peter Buckland

Horsham YMCA boss Peter Buckland is refusing to panic after his side dropped to 12th in the County League Division 1 table on Saturday.

A 2-1 loss to Crowborough, who completed a second half fightback in stoppage time, saw YM lose their third straight match, in one of only two County League games to survive the weekend’s washout.

Martin Smith’s 13th goal of the season put Buckland’s side ahead, but YM squandered a number of chances before Tom Saunders scored a contentious penalty and Sam Saunders slotted home the winner late on.

Buckland said: “We made some changes to get some fresh legs on in the second half, but it just wasn’t to be.” Buckland added. We’re still a bit rusty because we haven’t played a lot of football, and I really hope the weather doesn’t turn, because I think we need two games a week now to really get back into our rhythm.

“You can never be totally happy with a performance when you’ve lost, but the players didn’t do a great deal wrong today. It was the old cliché, the best team lost.

“But one must not panic, we’ve got to stay calm and keep a cool head. We’ve still got twenty-two league games left to go, with lots of those at home, and so if we could win fifteen of those, that’s forty-five points.

“If you add that to what we’ve got, that’s seventy-three points for the season. If somebody had given me that at the beginning of August, I’d have said I’d take it now.

So that is our target - I want fifteen more league wins.”