YM left to fight another day

DEFENDER Danny Dudley earned Horsham YMCA a stay of execution by bagging the winner against Chatham Town on Saturday.

Needing all three points to avoid being mathematicall relegated, Dudley’s scrappy second half goal summed up a scrappy encounter which suggested neither side would perform a miracle and avoid the enevitable drop.

Boss John Cumberbatch knows relegation is a nailed on certainty, but was pleased with what he saw, with wide men Stefan Cox and Michael Abnett the focal point.

“I’m still frustrated because it would have been nice to have won by two or three goals,” he remarked afterwards.

“We have dominated the game in this way before and still ended up on the losing side. It’s nervy for us every time. Even a 1-0 I was pleased with, it doesn’t matter how the goal goes in.

“I’m sort of planning for next season and I want to see what I have got and Stefan Cox is looking very good. We tried to get him when I first joined, I feel if I had been able to get him earlier on things would have been very different for us.”

He added: “Injuries have played a major part for us. Kevin Lott was going to play a major part in my plans. We lost him, we lost Matt Simpson. This is the first week I have named the same side two games running.”