YM boss still weighing up his squad

HORSHAM YMCA manager John Cumberbatch said he is still getting the measure of his squad, following Saturday’s 4-0 loss at Burgess Hill.

Goals from Steve Harper, Danny Gainsford, Lloyd Cotton and Danny Curd inflicted a 17th league defeat on the Gorings Mead outfit, as Cumberbatch likened his first few games in charge to a highly stressful pre-season.

“I am still in that stage of finding out, at a difficult time when there are points at stake.

“There are still some players that I am not 100 per cent sure on. It’s a bit like pre-season, where you have to look at players. Even those players you know very well, you need to see how they react.

“There were certain players who had good performances, a few who ticked the boxes and I know I am happy with.

“I was very pleased with the attitude, from the point of view that no-one gave up even when we were three, four down.”