Surf’s up as Horsham head down to Newquay

Dominic Di Paola
Dominic Di Paola

Surf’s up for Horsham at the weekend as they head to Newquay as part of their pre-season preparations.

The Hornets will head down to Cornwall on Saturday morning and take on South West Peninsula League Premier Division side Newquay at the Mount Wise Stadium at 3pm.

The trip is being used as much as a team bonding session as well as the chance to play a new opposition in their friendly campaign.

With a number of new faces this season Horsham manager Dominic Di Paola is keen to instil his normal good spirit into the squad.

He said: “It was a conscious decision to use it as bit of team bonding. We have a huge amount of new players and it’s a good opportunity to get the whole team, or the majority of the team, together and spend a bit of time together.

“It helps to get to know each other’s characters, it’s always good.

“Last year, we had so many players coming in and out, we struggled most of the time and I want to get away from that.”