Supporters of Horsham FC’s ground plan ask council to ‘think long-term and approve bid’

An artist impression of what Horsham Football Club's new home could look like
An artist impression of what Horsham Football Club's new home could look like

Supporters of Horsham FC’s bid for a new home to have urged the council to think ‘long-term’ and approve their third and final application.

Proposals are to locate a new modest clubhouse and two pitches on land off the A24 at Horsham Golf & Fitness near Hop Oast. Councillors voted against a previous application for the community-boosting asset on the same land, but since then the long-serving town club have addressed issues raised.

They are now hoping that this application, along with one for 58 homes at the Holbrook Club to fund the ground, will secure their future which is very much in doubt.

Neil Clark, of Horsham’s Kempshott Road, said: “After planning officer recommendation on the previous application two years ago was overturned narrowly by councillors, the club has clearly made every effort to reflect concerns of councillors this time, as well as having support of the Holbrook Club.

“The Hop Oast location is ideal as it has minimal impact on local residents, being over a quarter mile from Denne House, as well as having excellent access. This should be a no brainer for the council as it creates a new facility for use by Horsham FC as well as local youth football teams and will cost the taxpayer nothing.

“I urge councillors to think long term here and back the future of an established and loved local institution over 130 years old, else risk its demise.”

Paul Osborn, from Dial Post, said: “Horsham needs to be represented by a quality football team playing at facilities that match the town’s status. We have the team and we now need the facilities to allow the club to develop further.

“In my view, Hop Oast is an excellent location as travel and parking is so simple and convenient and the plans indicate a stadium that will be both high quality and innovative.

“Fingers crossed the council recognises the urgent need for this development and approves it as quickly as possible so work can begin to make it a reality.

David and Sarah Rick said: “In this last bid for a new home, the local community must embrace this application and the local council must understand the need to approve this project. We wholeheartedly support this new application and we hope that it finally delivers a solution to Horsham FC and the Holbrook Club as well as many generations of future Horsham residents, children and businesses.”

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