Mid Sussex Youth & Minor League supports FA campaign


This weekend the Mid Sussex Youth & Minor League are encouraging all their clubs to get involved with the FA lead ‘Set Your Stall Out’ initiative in relation to their ongoing Respect programme.

Launched in 2008 the FA’s Respect programme was launched in response to widespread concern that the game was on some occasions being distorted or ruined at all levels of football by abusive behavior.

Many people looking at football at this time witnessed behavior that bought into question their love of the sport. Referees were throwing the kit bag in the corner and retiring, parents were seeking out other sports for their children.

So for the last six seasons the FA have been working hard with all leagues and clubs to educate, train and campaign to keep Respect in people’s eye line and remind that everyone has a role to play in protecting the health of the game.

League Respect Officer, Gary Manville-Dickens said “Its vitally important we do as much as we can to influence sportsmanship and fair play to ensure all involved keep coming back week after week - especially as many are volunteers. We’ve had some great feedback recently about the great behavior demonstrated by a host of our clubs, however there’s always room for improvement and we will be working hard with our clubs to achieve this.”

The programme and its guidelines also adds momentum for the Mid Sussex Youth League to key strategies such as Referee recruitment and retention, continued participation in Youth football, Coaching and Safeguarding children.

Sussex FA Respect Lead Officer, Clare Nichols was keen to add her thoughts “ ‘Setting Your Stall Out weekend’ is a chance for leagues and clubs to raise awareness of the FA Respect programme and remind players and spectators that the game should be enjoyed by all. It is great to see The Mid Sussex Youth League being so proactive in getting the message out there and supporting their clubs to create a positive environment on match days. Football is a passionate game and we can all get swept up in the moment however it is important for leagues and clubs to set out what behaviour is acceptable and unacceptable”

To find out more about this weekend’s campaign and to source FREE materials visit www.msymfl.co.uk