Horsham players hit out over uncertainty

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HORSHAM players have spoken out over the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the end of the season.

Manager John Maggs has not yet been told if he is wanted at the club next season, and as such is not able to offer any of his current squad terms for the new campaign. Fans and players alike have become hugely frustrated with a perceived lack of information, at a stage of the year when clubs traditionally offer deals to players for the new season.

Jamie Cade, who joined midway through the season and scored ten goals - some of which were vital in Horsham’s Ryman Premier survival - has been vocal in his unrest.

He said: “I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. Managers have already been on the phone to me, but John has not spoken to anyone, which is abnormal.

“A lot of the players have started to speak to other clubs and they are not going to hang around. Nobody has been spoken to about next season because John does not know where he stands. “It looks from the outside a little bit disrespectful.”

Former Tonbridge and Hastings man Cade says Maggs has encouraged him to start enjoying his football again - and possibly only his presence would keep the majority of the squad at the club.

“For most of the players John staying would be a massive pull. If he was to go I know a lot of the players feel the same as I do.

“John is a brilliant bloke, he puts his heart and soul into Horsham Football Club. He has good banter with the players and he is one of the nicest blokes I have ever worked for.

“From my point of view, if the club does not want him, why not just say ‘thanks, you have done a great job’.

“It’s the first season where I have not thought, ‘I need to get away from here’. I feel I am quite happy to stay under the management as it is now.”

It is believed the delay centres around the playing budget for the 2011/12 season but Cade believes his teammates would be happy to continue playing for Maggs, even if wages were reduced slightly.

“I think with a reduced budget players will want to stay,” he remarked.

“Obviously the money is a big part of it. I live in Tunbridge Wells and you have to consider what it costs to get to and from games and training. In some circumstances you have to look after yourself.”