Horsham fans’ sadness at Maggs departure

LONG serving Horsham fan Peter Tanner admits there is upset over manager John Maggs’ departure, but he understands the reasons behind it.

Maggs will leave the club after 11 years when his current deal runs out at the end of the month, as Horsham slash budgets. Substantial financial losses have been blamed for the move which will see a part time first XI manager replace Maggs in an attempt to make savings.

Peter, who has been a Horsham fan for 27 years, and a shareholder for 15, commented: “I am really upset that John is going.

“He has brought so much to the club, more memories than all the other years of supporting Horsham Football Club.

“It really is a sad occasion to see him leave. “But I understand the board’s decision that a full time manager in the current situation is not something the club can sustain. I am not party to the figures, and as a shareholder I am still waiting for the finances to be released.

“I can understand that the board could no longer sustain a full time manager but I would have liked to have seen them approach John to continue on a part time basis.”